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Hi, I'm Ethan. I'm currently studying Photojournalism in the Corcoran School of Art and Design at The George Washington University. I came here from the suburbs of Philadelphia, though for a good part of my life I lived in Florida.

A little bit about me‭... ‬Most of the time you can find me either working on a current project or planning for the next one‭. ‬When‭ ‬I’m not working‭, ‬I’m probably out exploring the world‭ (‬I love to travel‭), ‬rowing‭ (‬for fun not necessarily competition‭), ‬or sleeping‭ (‬I highly value‭ ‬my sleep‭). ‬Most importantly‭, ‬I love what I do‭.‬

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Contributing Photo Editor (Mar 2017 - Present)

"GW's only financially and editorially independent student run newspaper"

For Volume 113 (September 2016 - March 2017), I worked as a 'starter' Hatchet Photographer mainly covering sports, both games and news, as well as general coverage for the paper. I was then hired as a contributing photo editor for Volume 114 (March 2017 - March 2018) focusing on editing, assigning out, and continuing to cover sports related stories. Some general assignments I've covered have ranged from covering local meetings affecting the Foggy Bottom/DC Metro areas to following the introduction and activities of GW's newest president Thomas LeBlanc. Click here to see all stories I've covered


Head Photographer (Nov 2017 - Present)

As head photographer, I have worked to organize and manage the photography department for the school's yearbook. I am responsible for ensuring all subjects included in the yearbook are photographed and edited properly for the designers.


Creative Team, Photo/Video (Sep 2017 - Present)

For the creative team, I have shot and edited team photos as well as the 2018 theme reveal video. I have also worked as a volunteer photographer to cover their 2017 event. 


IT/Web Manager (Jan 2017 - Present)

I migrated and redesigned the Sun & Earth and East Coast Liquid Filling websites from Wordpress to Squarespace. This included different photography and videography elements as well as working with numerous services required to run an ecommerce store. I've also worked to upgrade and maintain different IT services within their offices. 


Web Manager (Oct 2017 - Present)

I was commissioned to do a complete remodel and redesign of their existing Wordpress website to the Squarespace platform. Currently in progress. crossfitsoutharlington.com


"Travelers not tourists"


2016 - Present

Travel for Teens

After spending three summers abroad with TFT, I started working in the office as an intern/customer service rep. I've also helped work on projects such as editing photos and videos for marketing materials, system cross-checks and reporting, t-shirt management, and SEO optimization. I have also worked with them during the summer as a counselor, helping lead trips throughout Europe.