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Hi, I'm Ethan. I'm currently studying Photojournalism in the Corcoran School of Art and Design at The George Washington University. I came here from the suburbs of Philadelphia, though for a good part of my life I lived in Florida.

A little bit about me‭... ‬Most of the time you can find me either working on a current project or planning for the next one‭. ‬When‭ ‬I’m not working‭, ‬I’m probably out exploring the world‭ (‬I love to travel‭), ‬rowing‭ (‬for fun not necessarily competition‭), ‬or sleeping‭ (‬I highly value‭ ‬my sleep‭). ‬Most importantly‭, ‬I love what I do‭.‬

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"GW's only financially and editorially independent student run newspaper"

For Volume 113 (September 2016 - March 2017), I worked as a 'starter' Hatchet Photographer mainly covering sports, both games and news, as well as general coverage for the paper. I was then hired as a contributing photo editor for Volume 114 (March 2017 - March 2018) focusing on editing, assigning out, and continuing to cover sports related stories. Some general assignments I've covered have ranged from covering local meetings affecting the Foggy Bottom/DC Metro areas to following the introduction and activities of GW's newest president Thomas LeBlanc. Click here to see all stories I've covered


"Travelers not tourists"


2016 - Present

Travel for Teens

After spending three summers abroad with TFT, I started working in the office as an intern/customer service rep. I've also helped work on projects such as editing photos and videos for marketing materials, system cross-checks and reporting, t-shirt management, and SEO optimization. I have also worked with them during the summer as a counselor, helping lead trips throughout Europe.


2015 - present

freelance photo / video / web

In high school, I was the school's unofficial 'school photographer' mainly because of yearbook and everything I covered and shared for them. I also made the end-of-the-year videos for the basketball and baseball teams.

Outside of school, I am an avid documentary storyteller, capturing everything the world around me has to offer either through the medium of photo or video.

Along with my own personal website, I have worked with other friends and companies to help build and publish portfolio and business websites.

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Yearbook Editor

2011 - 2016


I worked for both my middle and high school's yearbooks. Making pages, managing ads, designing themes, and organizing events throughout the years. I was also in charge of our entire online presence. 


2013 - 2016

Stoga Film

Progression through the three stages of our school's available television/video classes. Senior year, I was apart of the advanced class: making videos, entering contests, and editing. I was also in charge of starting and managing our entire online presence including posting and sharing our students' films. 


2015 - 2016


TEDxStoga is our Conestoga's TEDx version of the well-known talks. I was in charge of production, recording, and publishing each event's series of talks. I also managed all social media aspects that went into filming and sharing them such as making posters and video end slates.